We believe in together shaping all the oceans, seas and rivers into their natural condition.


To bring a novel experience to people all around the world about impact creation through our innovative approach and solutions, that integrate into the daily life.


Our Story

The story started with Roland Zonai, who lived and worked as a technology consultant from EU.

While traveling in South East Asia, Roland became greatly motivated to engage in innovation related to sustainability, and realized that ocean pollution is one of the biggest unsolved issues in every South East Asian country he visited.

In 2019, the idea of Ocean Shapers was born, firstly, as a company to directly engage in collecting ocean-bound plastic waste. As Ocean Shapers was being formed, Norbert Csiki and Peter Molnar joined, and the team realized that the element of joy is greatly missing in how people engage with non-profits in today’s society.


Today, our growing team pave the path about how Ocean Shapers our aims to redefine the approach of non-profits by immersing people in a video game-like activity, while shaping all the oceans, seas and rivers into their natural condition.

Join us on our journey to change the way the world approaches cleaning the ocean!

         Roland Zonai           Co-Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to starting Ocean Shapers, Roland worked as a bio-entrepreneur. He is a Singularity University Impact Fellow, the joint business program of NASA and Silicon Valley. In 2015, Roland was elected into the 50 Most Talented Young Hungarian Leaders by the Alliance of Hungarian Talent Management Organizations. In 2016, he was also the 2nd place awardee for the Young Innovation Leader of Sweden by Arthur D. Little, an international management consulting firm. 

As a childhood friend of Roland, and an experienced programmer in the corporate IT world, Norbert has previous experience in participating in the architectural design of massive systems and platform development for multinational corporations. As a CTO, Norbert designs the foundations of the architecture and framework of the Ocean Shapers System, and assures that the team makes technically viable promises when new features are discussed for the platform.

Peter Molnar


Chief Creative-Marketing Officer

Chief Business Officer

Peter has experience in partnership manegement. At the beginning he contributes to create vision, mission, the process and the goals of the Ocean Shapers. As a Business-Project Development Director  building and maintaining relationships with key partners and customers. Contribute to create the content and the design of the Ocean Shapers such as the website. As a Creative and Marketing Director making the social media contents.

                      Norbert Csiki                       Co-Founder

Chief Technology Officer

Proud member of:

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