Cleaning the ocean can be fun!

Ocean Shapers is a revolutionary initiative, transforming the activity of removing ocean-bound plastic waste from the ocean & around the coastlines into a  joyful, progressive, video game-like activity, via shopping at eco-friendly brands. The more you shop the more you clean!

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We are a team of close friends aiming to tackle the socio-environmental problem of ocean plastic pollution, driven to act on behalf of the betterment of others.


We use the creativity of video games and entertainment to transform how we approach ocean cleanup and to empower people, so together we can solve this societal problem - while providing jobs and opportunities for those, who are really in need for it. 


We want to show how fun and modern ocean cleaning can be.


To empower the world via gamification and change the habits of people to help others and the ocean through plastic collection.


A world where cleaning the ocean and helping others become part of our life.


The story started with Roland, who lived and worked as a technology consultant in both Central-Eastern Europe and South East Asia, and helped European technology startups develop their strategy and product launch for the Asia Pacific. Working on innovative projects in all sorts of industries from agriculture and energy to the high-tech industries, Roland noticed that each project had one thing in common – the right innovations usually came with a necessary desire for eco-friendliness and sustainability. As time passed, Roland became greatly aware and motivated to engage in innovation related to sustainability. 

In 2019, Roland met Suzette, his partner from the Philippines, and the idea of Ocean Shapers was born, firstly as a company to directly engage in collecting ocean-bound plastic waste. Together with his childhood friend, Norbert, who had in-depth understanding in video games and programming, the growing team realized that one thing is greatly missing in how people engage with non-profits in today’s society – the element of joy when it comes to progress, because there is no more personal immersion after somebody gave a donation. This paved the path to how Ocean Shapers today aims to redefine the approach of non-profits and immerses people in a video game-like activity, while supporting the fight against ocean plastic pollution.


Join us on our journey to change the way the world approaches cleaning the ocean!


Roland Zonai

CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to starting Ocean Shapers, Roland worked as a bio-entrepreneur pushing the world forward on the edge of business and high-tech industries with helping scientists and entrepreneurs realize and commercialize their innovations. Roland is a Singularity University Impact Fellow, the joint business program of NASA and Silicon Valley. In 2015, Roland was elected into the 50 Most Talented Young Hungarian Leaders by the Alliance of Hungarian Talent Management Organizations. In 2016, he was also the 2nd place awardee for the Young Innovation Leader of Sweden by Arthur D. Little, an international management consulting firm. 

Norbert Csiki

CTO & Co-Founder

As a childhood friend of Roland, and an experienced programmer in the corporate IT world, Norbert has previous experience in participating in the architectural design of massive systems and platform development for multinational corporations. As a CTO, Norbert designs the foundations of the architecture and framework of the Ocean Shapers System, and assures that the team makes technically viable promises when new features are discussed for the platform.

Ma Suzette Antolin

Chief Impact Officer

Suzette is a nurse from the Philippines, who has also lived and worked in both Europe and in Manila. Being a Filipino, she navigates easily in the local governmental environment and helps discover new pathways for Ocean Shapers to interact with the local corporate scene and to find new partners.

Peter Molnar

Chief Business Officer

As a former partnership manager at Huawei, Peter is in charge of building and maintaining relationships with key partners and customers. Apart from key account management, as the CBO of Ocean Shapers, Peter has a diverse role in the company's business activities.

Roland Csiki

Chief Communications Officer

Roland is the brother of Norbert, and he is focused on designing the social media strategy for Ocean Shapers, involving local universities from Hungary and media for raising awareness about our company’s activities and connecting like-minded students and individual to expand the reach of the company and set up the first social media campaigns.

Jonathan Bus

Content Manager

Jonathan is in charge of the content creation for Ocean Shapers, maintaining and updating the news feed following conference participations and major news, as well as the creation of the Ocean Shapers blog and the empowering articles.


We want to inspire the world to act thoughtfully, so we’ve built it into how we do business. Our distinctive culture is defined by our four guiding principles.


We seek to always look beyond ourselves, putting the interests of those in need above our own. We believe that all impact, big or small, stems from our ability to put ourselves in another’s shoes.


We foster creativity to constantly explore new ways of delivering value and impact through empowering others and encouraging them to develop new behavior. 


We believe that every element we integrate in the Ocean Shapers System should be beautiful, functional, and meaningful. We are committed to excellence not only in our products, but also in our services and relationships.


We believe that “good for business” should mean “good for the world.” We provide solutions that drive business outcomes and social responsibility.



We embrace transparency and information flow


We think big and act quickly to achieve it


We strive to catalyze change in our environment and is ourselves


We take responsibility for what we created


Journey with us. Discover how your contributions are changing the world!

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