Collaboration with the University of Szeged: Generation Z and raising awareness of the social impact

Updated: May 1, 2020

The University of Szeged is not only one of the most prestigious institutes of higher education in Hungary, but it is also recognized as one of the centers of innovation. Innovation today goes hand in hand with the concept of sustainability, and sustainability is at the core of most technological advancements nowadays. And since at the University of Szeged the main focus is on technological innovation, it is imperative that they pay special attention to sustainability and are open to the long-term advantages of adopting sustainable systems, which is characterized by their out of the box thinking.

Established in 1872, the University of Szeged is among the most prominent higher education institutions in Central Europe.

At Ocean Shapers, we value social impact and the CSR that comes with it, and from the very start we have been keen on creating partnerships where the partner is a so-called innovation hub, fueling not only innovation itself but also incorporating the human resources needed to make this innovation possible. Being one of Hungary’s leading institutes of innovation, one of the main missions of the University of Szeged is to not only achieve excellence in sciences and to encourage the people living in the region to acquire socially and scientifically important values, but also to achieve this by paying special attention to the crucial social and environmental effects throughout the process and in the light of sustainability, drive social impact. The university offers numerous courses that aim to help broaden their students’ perspective with regards to sustainability. For instance, familiarizing themselves with the activity of non-profit businesses, which we at Ocean Shapers also highly value and therefore we took part in presenting the newest, most innovative trends of social impact to their students.

Introducing how social and environment impact brings enjoyment and can be a catalyst in future impact creation.

During our visit, we took part in the university’s non-profit business program, where we introduced to the students what Ocean Shapers is and how we go on about revolutionizing the social entrepreneurial sector by not only putting emphasis on the environmental and social impact creation during its operation, but approaching the pleasure of contribution from a more innovative, modern and interesting point of view. We believe that the act of contributing can also be made fun, making it more attractive to the younger generations.Ocean pollution is a global issue and at Ocean Shapers, our primary mission is to solve this problem. Ocean pollution is visible and tangible, and everyone knows that something needs to be done about it. We want to show that cleaning the ocean can be made fun and interesting, and for this to happen, we introduce the idea of enjoyment of progress, something that seems to be missing from the approach of traditional non-profit organizations. Normally, if you make a contribution to a non-profit organization, then apart from receiving a report of your contribution, you lose touch with the organization relatively fast. This is the primary reason why so many of us fail to identify with social impact activities and find it difficult to bring ourselves to contribute. At Ocean Shapers, we want to give people the chance to be able to contribute in a way that is not only entertaining and video game-like, but also in a way that lets them track their progress and understand the impact of their contribution which will in turn give them a feeling of gratification.

Approaching sustainability from the preventative approach should be key for developing the societal foundation for the future.

We would like to thank Anita Kéri and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Szeged for having us and being so open to this new, innovative approach of ours. Furthermore, we are happy to see that sustainability is among their core values and that they devote special attention to the environmental benefits businesses bring to our world. Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding our partnership with the university!

Are you also interested in making a difference? Are you also willing to do whatever it takes to clean our oceans? Is the concept of sustainability also important to you? If yes, you can place a direct contribution by purchasing one of impact packages by which you clean up the plastic waste polluting our oceans directly!

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