Every time you purchase the Ocean Shapers STARTER Impact Package, you finance the removal of ocean-bound plastic waste by The Plastic Flamingo and support us with the development of our Ocean Shapers App! You remove plastic waste from around the ocean & coastlines equivalent in weight to 200 plastic bottles! This means that you fund the removal of plastic from around 33 square meters.

You clean approximately the area of a spacious living room of a large European family house!


Your impact:

* 2kg of plastic collected and recycled on your behalf that will not remain in the ocean!

* 5,4 kg of CO2eq. avoided thanks to the fact that this plastic will be recycled and not incinerated.


You receive the following impact package elements from Ocean Shapers:

* Includes a beautiful Ocean Shapers Impact Picture visualizing the impact you make after plastic collection.

* Includes exclusive membership access to our private Ocean Shapers Facebook community.

* You receive an empowering story about why your contribution was the right decision.

* You receive a special early-bird coupon which you can later redeem in the Ocean Shapers App once the development is finished to unlock the special STARTER rewards & accomplishment, as many times as you buy this package - exclusive to the Ocean Shapers STARTER Impact Package buyers.


You receive the following impact package elements from The Plastic Flamingo:

* Includes a beautiful PLAF Process Picture envisioning the plastic collection and recycling process in the Philippines.

Ocean Shapers STARTER Impact Package

1 990,00 FtPrice

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