80% of all ocean plastic pollution comes from rivers around the world.

This is why we decided to focus on preventing the pollution of our oceans by collecting plastic at the root. By partnering with non-profit companies and civil groups around Europe, we aim to a holistic impact to the continent.

By every contribution you make during your purchase at our eco-friendly webshop partners, you directly support plastic collection on the Danube river, which has been ranked as one of the top 10 most polluted rivers in the world.

And we visualize the impact you personally make, in the Ocean Shapers platform.

The Journey of The Plastic Waste



River-bound plastic waste is monitored and locations are identified on the Danube river where the plastic accumulates.


River-bound plastic waste is collected at critically polluted areas. Plastic is taken to the recycling factory and segregated to be shipped to other partners for further recycling.

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